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The many uses of Oatmeal

I'm sure many of my clients will tell you that I'm a little bit of an 'Oatmeal Preacher'. Client: "I'm suffering from a bit of eczema." Me: "You should try oatmeal". Client: My skin is so sore lately." Me: "Oh, have you ever tried Oatmeal?" Client: "I've got a really flaky scalp". Me: "You could… Continue reading The many uses of Oatmeal

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I dare you to love yourself

In a society where beauty is mainly found in filters, angles and contouring, it can be hard to find something naturally beautiful that you love about yourself. And even if you do have something that you are proud of and love about yourself then could you ever possibly voice it through fear of being knocked… Continue reading I dare you to love yourself

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5 ways to pamper yourself at home.

I call these kind of days "Self Care Days". It's raining, there's not much else to do so why not dedicate the day to yourself and do one or two, or even three things to make yourself feel bloomin' marvellous. Picture this setting: A rainy grey Sunday. A cosy living room and a really good… Continue reading 5 ways to pamper yourself at home.

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Therapists need time too.

It's really important as a therapist to make time for yourself too. You can't advise a client how much they really need to de-stress and treat themselves when you're super stressed out yourself. It'll show. Once you start fitting in some "you time pampering" yourself then you will really start reaping the rewards. It wasn't… Continue reading Therapists need time too.

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Reiki – What is it?

"I don't understand Reiki. All I know is that it works" Reiki is a healing process that can help mental health, grief, disease, sickness, addictions, fertility and so much more. It's been around for hundreds and hundreds of years and is one of the best forms of natural healing you'll ever experience. Many clients ask… Continue reading Reiki – What is it?

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Me. The Beauty Therapist

What do you think when you hear the words "Beauty Therapist"? I can almost guarantee that one of the following three descriptions popped up somewhere in that thought: Glamorous. High maintenance. A bit dim. I'll let you into a little secret...most of us aren't any of those things. I'm a Beauty Therapist. My morning routine… Continue reading Me. The Beauty Therapist